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Cigar Analysis Chart


The Life Journey The Dream by Sperlinga Tobacco is made in the Dominican Republic with a Mexican Negro San Andres […]

Cigar Analysis Chart

Cigar Analysis : EIROA THE FIRST 20 YEARS 46 x 6

The Eiroa First 20 Years 46 x 6 was blended by Julio Eiroa and released in 2015 to commemorate Christian […]

Cigar Analysis Chart


The Padilla 88 Aniversario Figurado was released in 2020, the year that would have marked the 88th birthday of Heberto […]

Is it the cigar or am I off

“Is it the cigar or am I off?”

  We get questions from our members. Recently Albert, a long time member, asked us: “Sometimes while smoking a familiar […]

Why a Product Excellence Award

Why a Product Excellence Award

  We launched a “Product Excellence Award” program, to provide recognition to those premium cigars producers that consistently meet high […]

The Sisters of the Leaf Global Movement

The Sisters of the Leaf Global Movement

  Dr. Anastasia Psomiadi, founder and leader of the global social initiative “Sisters of the Leaf Global Movement”, envisions a […]


Cigar Sense is a unique source of advice because of our…

• Independence •

We exist to serve our members. We do not sell cigars, nor cigar ads. Our recommendations are never biased by sales or revenue motivations.

• Expert Analysis •

Our sensory analyses of cigars are performed by international tasters. They are trained to eliminate personal biases.

• Results •

 Since the inception of our service, our members consistently give our service 90%+ satisfaction rating. We deliver the most reliable cigar recommendations.

Cigar Sense Virtual Seminars

Online seminar: “How reliable are my tasting notes?”

How off are my sensory perceptions compared to others tasting the same cigar? In other words, how reliable are my […]

A powerful synergy: tobacco, sensory and data

A powerful synergy: tobacco, sensory and data

We would like to share our recent press release:     CIGAR SENSE AND CST CONSULTING COLLABORATE TO PROVIDE A […]

analytics case study Dominican 1

A Dominican brand success – case study

  We’re very excited to share this compelling case study demonstrating how a particular Dominican brand recently leveraged Cigar Sense […]


Cigar Sense provides the most accurate personalized, independent, expert cigar recommendations to help you identify new cigars you’ll love.  Our methodology allows our system to “learn” your unique, individual taste preferences, and then give you cigar recommendations which match them. We’re able to consistently achieve 90%+ member satisfaction thanks to a few key factors:

  • Our technology includes an inference engine which learns about your preferences as you interact with it, and an expert system which matches your preferences to cigars we’ve evaluated.
  • Our cigar database is fed by the assessments of our panel of international tasters, who are trained according to sensory analysis norms.

Our key operating principles exist first and foremost to serve our members : accuracy, discoverytransparencyuser controlindependencepersonalizationcigar knowledge, privacy of our members.


87% of cigar lovers state that “flavor” is the most important criterion when choosing a cigar.

If you agree, then the independent, personalized, expert cigar recommendations by Cigar Sense are for you.