The Cigar Lover's Virtual Seminars


The Cigar Lover’s Virtual Seminars is a gathering of the best in the field all around the common thread of consumer learning to maximize the cigar experience. Doesn’t knowledge make us love our fine cigars even more and make our hobby so much more interesting and intriguing?

The Cigar Lover’s Virtual Seminars took place 20-23 April, 2020. Thanks to all our guest speakers and to the members who gave us great feedback on these seminars. The seminars are still available for review by Cigar Sense Premium members, so if you haven’t joined yet sign up now!

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Monday April 20th :

Claudio Sgroi : Where do the aromas in a lit cigar come from?

Learn about the origin of aromas, tastes and tactile perceptions in a lit cigar


Jacob Grier : The politics of the anti-smoking movement

Learn about anti-tobacco movements’ weaknesses and contrast them with facts 
Bonus : Receive a free excerpt (introduction) of Jacob’s book!


Constantin Heitkamp : Sensory science for the cigar industry

Learn what sensory science is and why it’s important for you

Tuesday April 21st :

Amaury Borges Miranda :
Science or empirical knowledge for blending?

Learn about blending and the application of science compared to empirical knowledge.


Yamir Pellegrino and Miguel Macias : On gourmet pairings

Learn what is good and less good to pair with a cigar and why


Maya Selva : On the cigar heritage

Learn about the heritage that makes premium cigars unique

Wednesday April 22nd :

Michael Cappellini : The fire-cured tobacco tradition

Learn about the traditions that make the unique taste of Toscano cigars
Bonus : Download a free overview of the history and culture of sigari Toscani


Glynn Loope : Current regulatory myths and truths

Learn about what claims are true or false in the current regulatory system


Indiana Ortez : On blending

Learn how a master blender chooses the best leaves for a cigar
BONUS : Receive a narrative description of Indiana’s thought process behind blending

Thursday April 23rd :

Amaury Borges Miranda : Sensory analysis and Cuban cigars

Learn about how Cuban cigars are taste-tested


Franca Comparetto : On comparative tasting

Learn about different cigar flavor profiles by comparing two cigars
BONUS : Receive a downloadable cigar tasting sheet form