A cigar tasting course

This course stands as the cornerstone of tasting education within the industry, offering a rich curriculum that teaches you how to taste cigars with fairness and articulate your experiences. Whether you’re proficient in the basics of cigar knowledge and seek a more profound understanding of your sensory experiences or wish to deepen your appreciation for the subtle nuances of smoke, “A Cigar Tasting Course” is the ultimate edge in the cigar world, the secret weapon to sharpen your palate, boost your tasting expertise, and experience cigars like never before!

Consumers :

  • You can smell and taste food, but when it comes to a cigar, you are stuck. You struggle to identify and describe what you sense, and you would like to master your tasting skills.
  • You are willing to give cigars a fair chance when you rate them.
  • You have been disappointed by the usual advice you get. Many people can tell you what cigars you should buy, but not so many can explain why you are disappointed by what you read or hear about a cigar. And what to do about it. In the end, your taste is the best. You are probably better off in nurturing it, rather than conforming to other people’s tastes.

Professionals :

  • This course will help you deliver a more authentic story to your customers, one that will create more intimate connections between them and the cigars you are trying to market.
  • Being fair and accurate when discussing the sensory characteristics of cigars is the road less traveled, and you can own that niche.
  • Consumers evolve and continue to deepen their knowledge. Decomposing the precious feedback that educated consumers want to share with you can be a game changer.

This tasting education course helps you make your senses and your mind work to your advantage.  The course has been reviewed by our sensory advisor (PhD in sensory sciences), it is based on scientific references and applies some of the sensory analysis tools.

We believe that understanding the complex interactions among the leaves, the smoke, our senses and our mind, constitutes the keys to a fair assessment of cigars.


A Cigar Tasting Course” includes:

  • Downloadable resources (tables, tasting sheet example, additional reading and listening)
  • Access to additional Cigar Sense webinars
  • Direct email access to the course creator
  • Q&A call with the course creator
  • Course completion certification
  • Potential access to the only panel bringing scientific rigor to the subjective world of cigar tasting, providing reliable data for the industry: the Cigar Sense panel.


Don’t take our word for it:

“The course is excellent, it is fun and a great tool. Not only to enjoy and better appreciate the cigars, but also for us to present our products with more solid information and come across as more professional.”
– Rene Castañeda, President at Villiger Cigars North America
”Enrolling in this course was the best investment I have done referring to cigars”
– Karl-Heinz Klang, Germany
“I am finding the course very interesting. It gives aficionados a more scientific approach to cigar tasting, which is not typically addressed by the cigar industry.”
Yannis Levy Ratynski, Vicepresident Diadema SpA (Habanos importer and distributor in Italy)
“Lots of good information and definitely worth the time spent. This will assist me when, in front of customers, I’ll go through some of these exercises. It will also help me identify different taste an smells myself. Thank you for taking the time to put this together. Excellent information.”
– Lois Siler, Regional Sales Manager at Villiger Cigars North America
“I’ve learned more, and enhanced my appreciation and enjoyment of cigars more, in the short time I’ve been in Franca’s group, than I did over the course of 30 years of cigar smoking.”
– Jim Yankowsky, USA
“I enjoyed the tasting course very much. It is appropriately technical and objective, not opinions and rather the results of research protocols. The presence of the speaker in the upper right corner helps one stay in the moment. I appreciate the custom graphics that accompanied the topics. The video on smell is fascinating and very detailed, in fact I watched it at least 4 times to grasp all the detail you cover.”
– Michael K., USA
“I truly enjoyed A Cigar Tasting Course very much.  It was the perfect blend (pun intended) of science, terminology, essential information, and practical tips and advice.”
– David Parente, United States


About the course author, Franca Comparetto:

Franca is the creator and co-founder of Cigar Sense. She obtained her Professional Taster (ISO 8586-1/2) and Sensory Panel Leader certifications from CIAS (Centro Italiano Analisi Sensoriale, Matelica Italy), as well as her Sensory Judge certification from Good Senses, Italy. Franca also completed further studies in sensory and consumer science, including a master’s program in sensory science. With the assistance of an expert sensory advisor, she set up the Cigar Sense analysis process and currently trains panelists whose blind tests that feed the Cigar Sense cigar profiles database. She also carries out the daily management of Cigar Sense.


Paying Cigar Sense members have an automatic 50% discount applied when enrolling. They retain full access to the course materials throughout their membership.



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