This is about who we are and, especially, why we created Cigar Sense.  The company was co-founded in 2014 by Franca Comparetto and David Wells, and has been evolving steadily since its inception.

Inspired by my own experience when I moved from Italy to the United States, David and I wanted to help other people reduce the frustration of disappointing smokes.  The majority of us cigar lovers consider flavor the most important factor when choosing new cigars to try. Yet, we are pushed to buy cigars in order to find out whether we’ll like them via trial-and-error.  Mainstream reviews are generic and subjective: a high rating for a cigar does not mean it suits your unique tastes, and that you will like it.

We needed a reliable and independent system that could predict which cigars we will like and even love. In addition to observing our principles, a scientific approach was necessary.  Read how it works here.

The Cigar Sense world includes science-based resources to identify what we like and don’t like in a cigar, to learn how each cigar differentiates itself from the others and how to taste.  Through the education of consumers and industry professionals, we increase the pleasure derived from cigars and help companies sell more products that delight consumers and turn them into loyal end customers.

The Team

Who are we?
Franca Comparetto

I worked in the high-tech industry covering mainly program, operational and business intelligence management roles. I am addicted to Slow Food, which was born near my hometown in Italy. I fell in love with fine cigars in 2003 and since then I have been researching how to please cigar lovers’ palates. I am a certified professional taster (ISO 8586-1/2), sensory panel leader and am currently enrolled in a master’s program in sensory science.

Cigar Sense is not just me. It could not exist without David Wells, my partner in business and life.

Who are we?
David Wells

David is a computer engineer and an experienced business consultant, coaching clients in the understanding and adoption of the Scaled Agile Framework. Thanks to his passionate proselytizing for Agility, our baby, Cigar Sense, is a great example of an agile business.

We also provide continuous sensory training to a team of tasters, whose blind tests results are invaluable to continue to grow our detailed database.

We are extremely honored by the Cigar Journal jury decision to recognize Cigar Sense as a notable ambassador in the cigar culture in September 2017. Thank you Cigar Journal!

Who Are We?
image: Cigar Journal


Franca Comparetto

We sincerely hope you enjoy using our service, and ask that you actively support cigar smokers’ rights wherever you live.