Yamir Pelegrino


Yamir is co-founder of the International Association of Cigar Sommeliers (IACS). He is a renowned Cuban sommelier who worked with 100+ Michelin Star Chefs. Early in his career he was President of the Cuban Sommelier Club and Honorary MaƮtre of Cuba.

Yamir teamed up with Habanos to create what today is known as the Habano Sommelier role, being responsible of setting the standards of the cigar service and gourmet pairing.

Some years ago, Yamir partnered with Miguel Macia, a seasoned education executive and cigar aficionado, to develop a more global approach towards cigar education, focusing on service and pairing, and created the IACS. Today the association trained and certified hundreds of professionals worldwide, including hospitality professionals, aficionados, cigar lounge owners and cigar makers.

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