There are several reasons why a specific cigar you know of may not appear on your recommendations list:

  1. We may not have that cigar in our database yet. You can tell if this is the case by searching for the cigar in our database. If it is not found, there will be a button you can click to request that it be prioritized for analysis, and we will add it as soon as possible.
  2. We may not have enough analysis data on that cigar to recommend it yet. You can tell if this is the case by searching for the cigar in our database, and viewing the Cigar Analysis page. If the cigar is not yet eligible for recommendation there will be a footnote below the cigar name stating that. Note this will likely change over time as our panel continues to test more samples of each cigar in our database.
  3. The cigar may not be a good fit to your stated preferences. Our matching engine generates recommendations based on the priorities and preferences you state in your profile. Cigars which fall below our “fit threshold” of 80% fit to a user’s preferences do not appear in that user’s recommendations. You can tell if this is the case by searching for the cigar in our database, and viewing the Cigar Analysis page. If the Fit % at the top of the page appears in red, this cigar is not recommended for you.

There are alot of variables in this equation so it can be hard to pinpoint which one is the cause. You can gain clues as to why by looking at the fit charts below. Any sector of the Aromas or Tastes chart that contains both a red segment (meaning you dislike that aroma/taste) and a brown segment (meaning the cigar has that aroma/taste) indicates areas of misfit.

It is also possible that the taxonomy used by our panelists does not resonate with you and that you set up your profile manually based on a different (understanding of our) taxonomy.
Here are two hints:
– check our aromas and tastes definition to see what descriptors are categorized under the different aromas selections
– try to set up your profile by selecting 3 cigars you liked. Click here to get started.

If you think your profile is properly set up, and you know you like the cigar, fill out a User Tasting Note on it to tell us. Our Profile Advisor will then analyaze it and suggest changes to refine your profile. After a few iterations of this your profile will zero in on your sweet spot, and your recommendations will become even better.

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