A flavored/infused cigar (such as Acid) typically has an intrinsic pre-defined aroma register which makes it not relevant – for the scope of our service – to have the panel test such cigar, nor for Cigar Sense to include such cigar in the database.

As a rule of thumb, we do not test premium cigars when we are aware that they contain additives to impart a specific flavor to a cigar.

If you like a specific flavored cigar and want suggestions for natural cigars, then we suggest you adjust your profile to reflect the corresponding flavor preference (for example you can set a high preference on fruit if you liked a fruit flavored cigar). You will get recommendations for corresponding natural cigars matching that specific preference, as well as any other preferences you will have indicated in your profile.

Also, after we have initially added to our database a few cigars with sweet tip on the cap, we have decided not to add any more of such cigars. This is, again, due to the glue providing for aromas and tastes which are not naturally generated by the tobacco. As in the case of flavored cigars, this represents a bias for our cigar profiles.


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