There are a few reasons why you might not see the Profile Advisor screen after submitting a Tasting Note:

  1. If you’re new to Cigar Sense, Profile Advisor will not appear until you’ve entered at least five Tasting Notes. The reason is that our algorithm relies on statistical correlations among the Tasting Notes you’ve entered, and we need a minimum sample size to be able to make any suggestions at all.
  2. If you’ve been with us for a while and have entered more than five Tasting Notes, then Profile Advisor may not appear because the Tasting Note you’ve just entered didn’t result in any suggested changes to your profile. If your Tasting Note indicated you liked a cigar which is a great match to your profile, or you disliked a cigar which is a terrible match, then this is likely the cause. Profile Advisor is most likely to give you suggestions when you “surprise” it, by liking a cigar which doesn’t match your profile perfectly, or disliking one which your profile predicts you should like. In these cases, Profile Advisor analyzes your history of Tasting Notes looking for mismatches between your current profile and the cigars you like. These then become the suggested adjustments to your profile. If there aren’t any suggestions, Profile Advisor simply returns you to the User Home page.
  3. This would also happen anytime you uncheck the field “Show Profile Advisor” on the User Tasting Notes form. This field is there to allow users who are convinced their profile is already dialed-in to skip this step. The field is checked by default – just leave it checked, and Profile Advisor will appear IF it has suggestions for changes to your profile.
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