Why a Product Excellence Award


We launched a “Product Excellence Award” program, to provide recognition to those premium cigars producers that consistently meet high standards in terms of draw, burn, production consistency, sensory and other key quality indicators, and meet a majority of consumers’ preferences much better than other cigars.

For some years now we have been testing premium cigars thanks to our independent panel. We have also been successfully assessing how the cigars meet quality criteria and how they match consumer preferences.

Therefore, we are now delighted to announce our overall Product Excellence Award. The choice of the awards is totally backed by data: from determining the product quality to inferring how the product matches the personal preferences of consumers.

If you want to understand:

  • what this award means
  • why it’s different from other cigar recognitions
  • which is the first cigar manufacturer who received the award

this short episode is for you.




Product Excellence Award program: https://www.cigarsense.com/product-excellence-awards-by-cigar-sense/

First award presented: https://www.cigarsense.com/2022-excellence-award-1290/

If you like videos: https://youtu.be/r3ria5br2f8


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