You reside in theĀ USA and are excited about being able to take home up to 100 Cuban cigars starting from today? But which ones?

Of course you might know already very well what to look for and to which authorized retailers you need to go. However, if you are new to the Cuban cigars world, considering their prices, you may want to limit your guesswork and choose cigars that you are most likely to enjoy based on your tastes.

Cigar Sense profiled about 200 Cuban cigars so far and is the only resource which can suggest you which are the Cuban cigars matching your unique personal profile.

It is sufficient to join, set up your profile (it takes a few minutes) and sort your personalized recommendations list by country of origin. Interacting with the service will allow you to further refine the recommendations list. It’s very simple, and accurate!

Of course, our database includes many, actually many more, non Cuban cigars. You can easily get them without traveling, for now…

image credit : Fabio Cappellato, Italy

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