Vintage cigars and auctions


We discuss vintage cigars and auctions with Mitchell Orchant.

What is a vintage cigar vs. a rare cigar? What are the stages for the aging of cigars from procurement to sale? At what conditions is it best to store cigars if we want to age them at home? Is it good to let the cigars ventilate during the first couple of years? What’s the correct interpretation of Min Ron Nee‘s advice on maturation and vacuum period? What properties changes do cigars undergo when they age?

What are cigar auctions?

Mitchell is the managing director of C.Gars Ltd , the premier cigar specialist in the UK with 9 cigar stores in 5 locations. His specialist subject is vintage Havana cigars and C.Gars are the only specialist cigar auctioneer in the world.


Podcast episode 29, Vintage cigars and auctions

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