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A big thank you to all who wrote or talked about Cigar Sense. This means they see value in what we do and support us by spreading the word.


Cigar Journal, Interview with Cigar Ambassador Awardee Franca Comparetto, 20 August 2018

El Lector,  An Interview with Franca Comparetto on Cigars and Women, 13 August 2018

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Cigar Journal, The 2017 Cigar Trophy Awards Ceremony In Retrospect, 3 October 2017

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The Arbuturian, “Know What Flavours Attract You to Cigars But Not Which Cigars Deliver Them? Look no Further. Nick Hammond has Discovered the Ultimate Cigar Sommelier Service…”, 8 May 2015


image credit : Matteo Speranza, typewriter at Palacio Presidencial Havana

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