Can I search cigars based on their wrapper?

There are discontinued cigars in my recommendations. What do I do?
The industry is rather dynamic and there are many cigars released with limited availability and / or no longer available on the shop shelves. What can I do if I see discontinued or hard to find cigars in my recommendations?

There is no definitive authority who can tell whether a cigar is discontinued and no longer available at retailers. Also, some retailers may use the term “discontinued” for the cigars they put on clearance and few manufacturers widely communicate their portfolio optimization decisions.

On the demand side, some consumers love to look for hard to find cigars, others only want the newest cigars.

Cigar Sense, since launch, provided to members the ability to exclude certain cigars from their recommendations list. It is sufficient to use a tasting note, typical tool used for interactions with the service, and check the box next to ” Do not show this cigar in my recommendations”, located above the Details section of the tasting note.

We are currently working on further simplifying this task for our members. Stay tuned for more updates.

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