[Survey] The taste of Nicaraguan cigars


What does a Nicaraguan cigar really taste like?

With many cigar lovers spread across the globe, there’s a tremendous spectrum of perceptions and opinions about the typical taste of cigars from a given country / region. We’re interested in how you perceive the flavors of Nicaraguan cigars. This isn’t a test – there are no right or wrong answers. Your individual perception is what matters most.

We are asking no more than 5 minutes of your time. By participating in our survey, you’ll help us uncover the true flavor profile of Nicaraguan cigars. Plus, you’ll get the results as soon as they are ready!

To make this research as valuable as possible, we need as many responses as we can get. Please share this survey  with your fellow cigar aficionados! Thank you for your help!


[Survey] The taste of Nicaraguan cigars



image credit : Cámara Nicaragüense de Tabacaleros

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