The sensory world of Room 101 Cigars


In this episode Franca discusses the sensory world of Room 101 Cigars with Matt Booth.

Learn about the key principles that drive Matt’s personal and business activities. He has a special way to describe his cigars using emotions. However, Matt also pays attention to the olfactory and gustatory language and to the way it affects branding, as well as, inversely, to how branding affects sensory. We also talk about his top priorities when creating a new blend, reviews ethics and intangible cultural heritage.


Matt says “I maintain a steadfast resolve to both explore my personal interest and connection to tobacco – specifically in cigar form – as well as introduce fans and potential fans of our culture and community to my personal approach and reflection of what it is that we do. I also prefer high thread count bedding materials and am an ongoing fan of interpretive dance as well as many other forms of artistic expression.”

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