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When enjoying a cigar, everything is fair. But the science of cigar tasting becomes important when focusing on a cigar, either for a technical tasting or to get to know the most enjoyable impressions of your cigar. The topics discussed in this episode enable you to conduct a tasting that is as objective as humanly possible and to avoid unwanted interference with your mind and sensory receptors.

Constantin Heitkamp was our guest in the Cigar Sense Parlor. Constantin started his career with a strong interest in the scientific backgrounds of wine, other beverages and food. This has taken him halfway around the world, earning four degrees from two exceptional institutions along the way, and expanding his scope to all aspects of experiences from a perspective of sensory science. These experiences currently guide Constantin in the creation of truly novel products. He contributed to the set up of the sensory evaluation process at Cigar Sense and is now Chief Science Officer and Head of Product Development at Hawaiian Ola Brewing Co.


Podcast episode 33, The science of cigar tasting

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Constantin Heitkamp : Sensory science for the cigar industry. Learn what sensory science is and why it’s important for you.

Franca Comparetto :
Another sensory exercise. Recipes for simple exercises you can do at home, that help you identify tastes.
On sensory analysis
On sensory evaluations


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