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Do you ever feel as if you are left alone when it comes to appreciating all the aspects of a cigar, including the extremely important sensory aspects?

Do you have trouble identifying aromas and tastes?

Or maybe you know how to identify them, but can’t find friends who want to discuss cigar tasting with you?

Are you a novice who would like to learn something during tasting events rather than hearing sales pitches?

The Cigar Sense Virtual Tastings are a great opportunity to exchange perceptions, ideas and knowledge, wherever you are in your “cigar smoking career”.

What is a tasting for us at Cigar Sense?

It is a careful appreciation, a process of sensory observation and description of a cigar: the visual aspect, the smell, the aromas, the tastes, the tactile perceptions, the persistence, the balance, the complexity,…  We also talk about mechanics: draw, combustion, ashes, etc.  It is a free event, aimed to expand our cigar culture, where all participants engage with no fear.

The focus is on the cigar.  In order to deep-dive on certain topics, we might occasionally invite a master blender or other knowledgeable people in the industry to join us for the tastings.

What is NOT a tasting for us at Cigar Sense?

Our tastings are not commercial events where we smoke a cigar while the sales rep walks us through the catalog or tells the story of the latest release.  Also, a tasting should not be confused with sensory analysis, which requires a high level of training. Sensory analysis is applied to the cigar analyses performed by the Cigar Sense expert panel.


Our first tasting will be on 17 July 2020 with Claudio Sgroi – 11am PT 8pm CET

Claudio is Master Blender and President of Mombacho Cigars.  Claudio spoke about cigar defects in one of our podcast episodes. We also recorded a virtual seminar with him where he explained where cigar aromas come from. The seminar is now available to paid Cigar Sense members.


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