The Cigar Sense panel


The Cigar Sense panel is a key instrument that allows consumers to know what a cigar actually delivers to the senses. On top of to consumers, our trained sensory panel work is dedicated to anyone who wants to know and market the cigar for what it is.



Quick episode summary

Benefits vs. mainstream marketing or promotional copy
Difference between consumers (or untrained tasters) and trained tasters within a sensory panel
The purpose of the trained sensory panel
How many panelists (aka analysts) should there be?
The sensory analysis system
The selection of panelists
The training
The samples procurement
The samples preparation
The descriptive test
The product specification
The analysis submission
The blind data consolidation


On sensory analysis and its misconceptions:
On cigar reviews usefulness and standards:
On sensory analysis vs. tastings:
On the science of cigar tasting:
On sensory evaluations:
On sensory analysis:



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