The Cigar Sense Manifesto

The Cigar Sense Manifesto
Published May 29, 2015 5:13 pm PT

Our principles:

    1. We don’t sell ads
    2. We don’t sell cigars
    3. We don’t sell members’ personal data
    4. We only test blind
    5. We test multiple samples for each cigar
    6. Our international tasters are trained
    7. We don’t crowd-source
    8. We don’t rate cigars
    9. We measure ourselves by how much our Members like our recommended cigars

Being a completely member-supported business maintains the independence of our cigar evaluations.

Our promise is to enable you to:

  1. be among the most self-aware cigar smokers, who know and ask for what they want in a premium cigar
  2. enjoy hidden gems that match Your taste and that you would not have thought of
  3. get the most from Your cigar budget: you’ll recoup your cost quickly as you will eliminate expensive guesswork when purchasing new cigars to try
  4. end up being paid back for more than the membership you paid, simply by referring your friends!

We support the premium cigar consumer and all other roles in the industry. The prestigious Cigar Journal magazine jury recognized our expert service as notable ambassador for the cigar culture.

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