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The advanced Cigar Sense database search allows you to find your best cigars based on many attributes. You can learn even more about the fine cigars that suit your personal taste and also design your own perfect pairings!

It has been hard to choose among 150+ parameters based on which you could filter the cigars stored in our database, but our members helped us prioritize what is important to them. As you see the available filters, you will be able to tell that our members are a community of demanding and discerning fine cigar lovers. The basic characteristics used in most existing databases and reviews are not sufficient for them. They want much more. See for yourself, you can sign up for free!


The many different ways to look at cigars in the Cigar Sense database

You can start by searching for a specific cigar by name, which is the most basic usage of this feature.  If you leave the cigar name search field blank and click on “search” you’ll see the thousands of cigars in our database, ranked by how well each one fits your unique preferences:

The Cigar Sense Database

You can further narrow your search using the many available filters. They currently are:

The Cigar Sense Database

I’ll skip the filters that you can find in many other databases, such as brand, country of origin, wrapper type and origin, ring gauge, price range, box pressed. I am sure these sound familiar to any cigar lover and don’t need a lot of explanation.

In terms of shape we are using a roll up of about 20 shapes grouping hundreds of manufacturer shape names (and international shapes for Cuban cigars) available on the market.

In case you need this type of suggestion, the new  filters smoke duration and ideal time give you a way to limit your recommended cigars by time: time that you need to carve out and time of day in which they can best be enjoyed.

The Cigar Sense service is fully focused on the tasting experience. As a consequence, attributes such as key aromas and key tastes and tactile perceptions are obvious keys to include in our new search feature. Many of our members have advanced their knowledge of cigar tasting, therefore filters such as complexity or evolution, as well as the more subtle overall sensation and character come in handy when demanding more specific cigar qualities.

Also, for those cigar lovers who want to experiment with the young and the aged cigar, we offer aging recommendations.

There are also members who are very interested in understanding how regional and processing variations affect the tobacco’s expression in the finished product. For them, we have added the ability to search for cigars made with tobacco coming from one single country (puro’s) or containing tobacco processed in a particular way, such as fire-cured, used, ao, to produce Toscano cigars.

The market restrictions filter will make it easier for members to isolate cigars which may not be available to them based on their location.  This eases the conflict of the dual brands (e.g. Cohiba from Cuba vs. Cohiba “Red dot”), which are either not available in the USA, or only available in the USA because of trademark definitions.


Design your pairing within the database

We believe that pairings are extremely personal and can be very varied. This is why it is not possible to come up with a standard algorithm to suggest pairings for every cigar and with a wide enough selection of drink types. Those suggestions would be unsatisfactory for many of us. In fact, just like I love tea, David loves cocktails and many of our friends prefer scotch to bourbon, etc. Let’s also not to forget the many different vintages and brands of rum and whiskey available on the market.  For all these reasons, we prefer to provide tools for our members to design their own favorite, and therefore perfect, pairings.  We explained the different types of pairings (by harmony, by contrast and “neutral”) in this article.

Let me now explain how I use the database search to find cigars and pair them, for example, with champagne, based on my own preferences.

I love to marry a not too acidic champagne with a cigar presenting sweetness or creaminess in its spine. So, if you want to take this example for an exercise, look – among your recommended cigars – for those that present taste equal to “sweet” or “creamy”. You do this simply by selecting the 2 values from the drop down list and click on “apply”.

The Cigar Sense Database

What I also like in a cigar that I want to enjoy with a not too acidic champagne are key registers of nutty and toasted aromas. So, I add this filter to my search:

The Cigar Sense Database

I save the results, so I can retrieve my list list anytime.

Bear in mind that the Cigar Sense database will return the cigars ranked by their fit to your personal preferences. Therefore, the cigars you will see first are the ones that best match your filters AND also your personal preference profile.


Cigar Sense predicts which cigars best fit your personal taste. We are committed to preserve the highest objectivity, integrity and independence in the creation and dissemination of our analyses and industry analytics. This is why we do not sell cigars, nor cigar ads.

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