Roberto P. Dario is a chemist who, after a career as a researcher, was charmed by the beauty of perfumes.

His curiosity drove him to learn more about the scent of the molecules he used to work within his lab activity.

The discovery of this new sensory dimension led him to become interested first in the extraction technologies of natural essences and then in taking the path of knowledge of the perfumery’ raw materials, on a journey of discovery and olfactory experiences where his chemical knowledge and passion for smells have merged together.

As perfumer he deals with the development of fragrances for companies and individuals who want to give a sensory dimension to their business with the creation of their “olfactory signature” or who want to “wear” their personal fragrance.

He is lecturer and speaker, offers seminars and workshops for the dissemination of topics related to the world of smell, odors and perfumery.

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