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The Cigar Sense quick rate feature enables you to obtain spot-on recommendations! This is a quick and easy way to get an even better cigar experience.

Some of you already know that we operate as a lean-agile team. This means that continuous improvement is a core value for us.  One way we live this principle is by always looking at our members’ feedback, and seeking ways to improve their experience…

Why is our quick rate important?

The Cigar Sense quick rate makes it easier for our members to give us feedback on specific cigars they do or do not like.  The feature comes on top of the personal tasting notes, which you can enter to capture all your personal impressions of a given cigar.  Both quick rates and tasting notes drive our profile advisor feature to occasionally suggest spot-on changes to your profile.

What are tasting notes for Cigar Sense?

For instance, if your tasting notes indicate you often like cigars that present wood and nut aromas, but your profile doesn’t currently reflect that, profile advisor will suggest you like wood and nut.

You can use these tasting notes to specify how much you liked every aroma and taste you experienced, whether you smoked the cigar based on Cigar Sense’s recommendation, or whether you want to see the cigar in your recommendations in the future.

You can also share your tasting notes with your friends if you wish, via common social media platforms.

tasting note

While this tasting note capability has served its intended purpose, and is not going away, we’ve come to recognize that it can be a lengthy process for a member to fully enter one.  We wanted to give you a quicker way to tell us about cigars you do or do not like.  That way is what we call “Quick Rate”.  Anytime you are viewing a list of cigars, be it your recommendations, or a set of search results, now when you click on the familiar grey notebook icon, you will see a pop-up menu offering you several choices.

Quick rate for spot-on recommendations

From this menu you may:

  • Like the cigar (thumb-up icon)
  • Dislike the cigar (thumb-down icon)
  • Hide the cigar from your recommendations, or
  • Enter a full tasting note


The more you use these features to give us feedback, the more quickly we can get your preference profile “dialed in” to give you the best possible cigar recommendations.

Who can access quick rate and tasting notes?

Today quick rate and tasting notes are available to both paid and free members. While paid members can use the features on any cigar in our database and will see profile advisor in action, free members can give us feedback on their recommended cigars. All members will see their recommendations list magically improve based on their feedback, hence have an even better cigar experience through spot-on recommendations.

We hope you’ll enjoy using these features, and look forward to your opinions!


Cigar Sense predicts which cigars best fit your personal taste. We are committed to preserve the highest objectivity, integrity and independence in the creation and dissemination of our analyses and industry analytics. This is why we do not sell cigars, nor cigar ads.

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