The key to understanding your unique, individual preferences lies in the Cigar Sense technology and our expert cigar reviews. Cigar Sense employs a sophisticated, rigorous analysis of cigars across 100+ distinct characteristics, evaluated by an international blind tasting panel of experts. Unlike anything else in the industry, our exclusive algorithms then match the cigars in our database with your comprehensive individual taste profile.

Our cigar analysis allows us to do two very important things:

• Our system “learns” your unique individual taste preferences by guiding you through the creation of your personal profile. This is done in different ways, so even if you are a novice or do not know how to describe the flavors you like, it will still just take a few minutes for you to get started and get your personal advice.

• Our system recommends the premium cigars in our database that best match your preferences. Because our cigar evaluations are done blind, we can recommend the best matches regardless of origin, or how well-known the brand is. Rather than publish a generic score for all users, we provide you the degree of fit of each cigar to your own personal preferences, while filtering out any cigars which do not match, or which present low quality according to our expert panelists.

All of this helps you quickly find new cigars that will delight your senses, saving you time and money and maximizing your enjoyment of fine cigars.

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