"How do I identify the right flavor notes?"
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How do we manage to identify the right flavors in a cigar? Are the “right” notes those that my favorite reviewer talks so well about, those that make me want to buy the cigar?

It happens to many cigar lovers: we read/watch a review and cannot identify those flavors at all.
Is this due to our inability to identify the right flavors, or is something else at play?
We are thrilled to announce a series of unique online seminars featuring sensory games, created to understand why the flavors we often read/hear about are not the ones we will perceive, and what we can do about this.

Such exercises are part of many sensory training programs. We are also inspired by the book “Sensory games” by professor Luigi Odello. A sensory game applied to cigars was presented for the first time at the Cigar & Tobacco Festival in June 2022.

Register here

to obtain zoom link and cigar name for our next webinar planned on 4 December 2022, at 18:00 CET or 12pm ET:

We’ll have 2 prizes:
1. a certificate will be issued to the taster who will best align to the rest of the group
2. a Cigar Sense lighter – a silver chrome Zippo with soft flame and jet flame insert – will go to a participant selected among the 10 first registrations!

These free, virtual seminars show you what it means to identify the right flavor notes, and offer you:

  • insights to make more educated buying decisions
  • an opportunity to deep-dive into key aspects of the cigar tasting without demanding all the rigors of a formal technical tasting
  • insights on how to deepen the sensory pleasure you derive from a fine cigar
  • a guide to understand your and others’ sensory and tasting skills
  • a practical, interactive exercise in an online seminar to find the answer(s) to the question “how reliable are my tasting notes?”
  • a comfortable and helpful way to feel on par with other cigar lovers, no matter how much experience you have in the cigar world: it is sufficient to know how to cut and light a cigar
  • an introduction to a new way to engage with and talk about your cigars, in respect of everyone’s unique individual tastes

PLEASE NOTE: registration is free but required for every seminar. This will allow you to receive the link to connect to the seminar and to know which cigar we will smoke. Therefore, please register as soon as possible, even if you were already registered for previous seminars, so you have time to procure the cigar.  The cigar will be different for each seminar. If you do not like it, or if you cannot procure it on time, you will have other opportunities to participate to similar exercises in future.

What we highly recommend you to do before our seminar:

  • Play with your Cigar Sense member profile, so you familiarize with the most popular descriptors that will come up during the seminar. If you don’t have a profile yet, complete your onboarding (if you are new to Cigar Sense, or never completed your profile, you will be guided through a few emails after registration).
  • Consider telling your friends about this unique series of seminars, so you embark in the same adventure.

What else you need to know:

  • The seminars will not be livestreamed
  • The games are for players, not observers. If you do not intend to fully participate, but are interested in what we do, feel free to contact us to discuss further.
  • Please note that the seminars are not sponsored by cigar manufacturers and that we are not in the position to ship the needed cigar to our members – who are based in many different countries – for logistical, legal and financial reasons. Therefore, we ask you to procure your own cigar sample.

Register here for the next free online seminar of Sunday 4 December 2022!

and have the chance to obtain:
1. a certificate, which will be issued to the taster who will best align to the rest of the group
2. a Cigar Sense lighter – a silver chrome Zippo with soft flame and jet flame insert – which will go to a participant selected among the 10 first registrations!


Congratulations to the winners, who got the “right” flavor notes better than the rest of the group

Seminar of 14 August 2022
winner: Albert Casselhoff
cigar smoked: Alec Bradley Black Market Robusto

Seminar of 30 October 2022
winner: Andy Johnson
cigar smoked: Plasencia Alma del Campo Travesia


Another great resource, something that gets you extremely well prepared for any tasting exercise is A Cigar Tasting Course, the science-based course offering you the keys to explain cigars through your senses and your mind.

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