On Cuban cigars and their marketing


“On Cuban cigars and their marketing” is the theme of this interview with Ana Lopez.

Ana Lopez started working in the tobacco industry in 1984. She is a former operational marketing director of Habanos SA and participated in the creation of more than a hundred of new lines and products and of concepts, such as the Habanos limited editions, Colección Habanos, and Habanosommelier. She is also founder of the Habanos festival.

Ana is currently a sales advisor at Hunters & Frankau in the UK. She is Master in Havana cigars.

Together with her husband, Ana has recently started venturing into YouTube and created the Cigar Ritual channel where you can find great educational content.

This interview covers many different themes:

  • the influence of the wrapper on the Cuban cigar’s flavor
  • the different types of tastings in Cuba – tasting commission in the factories, national commission of tasters
  • measuring flavor intensity and importance of creating objective cigar profiles using a common sensory language; why is this not so important in Cuba?
  • where does the belief “the darker the color, the stronger the taste” come from?
  • what should women smoke?
  • the role that consumers deserve

and more.


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