On cigar reviews - usefulness and standards


In this episode, Randy Griggs and Franca discuss about cigar reviews, their usefulness for consumers and whether some standards might help increase it. Randy offers great insights thanks to his beer sensory knowledge.

Randy Griggs has worked in the craft beer industry for 19 years, establishing himself as a flavor sensory specialist. After becoming a beer judge at age 21, Randy followed up with a BBQ judge certification and is studying to become a beverage and spirits specialist, as well as a cigar sommelier. Randy has worked with event production teams to develop beer educational events throughout the country, including the Great American Beer Festival as well as a speaker at the National Craft Beer Wholesalers conference. Randy hosts alongside Rob Rasmussen for Cigar Dojo’s pairing-focused cigar show, A Flavor Odyssey. When not smoking cigars and drinking craft beer, Randy is also very passionate about food, coffee, BBQ, cheese, and all things craft.


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