Our recently rolled out feature, “similar cigars”, is currently available to members, free readers and affiliated retailers.

It is accessible with a simple click, either from each analysis view (see analysis view example – member only), or from each published cigar analysis (see published cigar analysis example).  It is also available to affiliated retailers through the “shop helper” feature by simply entering the name of a cigar to find its similar fellow cigars.

The maths are quite simple, the calculation is weighted based on what our members tell us are the most important criteria for them, except price. Excluding price is based on the logic that I first look for what I could like, then decide whether to buy it or not.  Cigar Sense members can select recommendations to only show for cigars within certain price ranges anyway.

The key criteria we selected are currently : aromas, tastes, nicotine strength and size. Of course, from our database we could select more than 100 criteria. Brand is not an option for Cigar Sense, if we were to list other cigars from the same brand as similar cigars, we would not need all this work of intriguing open minds and make it interesting to discover new cigars you would have never thought of.

What would be interesting is to have your opinion. What do you think makes one cigar similar to another?

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