Luigi Ferri is a management consultant, known in Italy and abroad as one of the main experts in the premium cigars arena.

He is honorary president and was national president of the Cigar Club Association (CCA), the widest cultural association in Italy for cigar aficionados. Ferri has been responsible for the CCA panel.

During the past ten years, Ferri wrote over 80 articles for magazines such as Passione Habanos, Stil, Sigari!, L’Amateur de Cigare.
He was curator and co-author of Sigari Cubani, Mondadori, 2006, also published in Germany with the title Kubanische Zigarren, Delius Klasing Verlag, 2009

Other important works by Luigi Ferri:
– L’Emporio del Sigaro, Italprint 90, 2002
– Conversazioni sul Sigaro, Edizioni Estemporanee, 2007
– La Storia del Sigaro, Odoya, 2014

In 2006 he was awarded the prestigious “Uomo Habanos Italia” prize.

Luigi is currently artistic director of the Cigar and Tobacco Festival, held every year in San Giustino, Italy.

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