Published October 16, 2014 12:28 pm PT

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2 Thoughts on “Cigar Analysis : La Gloria Cubana (USA) Serie R No. 4 Maduro”

  • Very good review of this cigar – spot on. While I like the Series R maduro, I appreciate the natural a bit better as it has less pepper and a more subtle complexity. The natural will be more creamy, less toasted-smokey sensation.

    • Glad you are in agreement Hank. The samples we had showed to be overall well-rounded, balanced, mechanically regular. So this cigar not only has a determined character, but its production seems rather consistent. We will re-test overtime.

      The natural version is indeed more creamy, its analysis is not yet widely published, but is available in our memnber-only area.

      Really appreciate your comment, Hank, thank you!

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