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– wasting time and money on cigars you don’t like
– always smoking the same cigars because you are afraid to be disappointed

Imagine, instead …
every time you smoke a new cigar, it delights your senses
you always make confident, educated purchases
– you feel armed with a wealth of knowledge and self-awareness, talking the cigar tasting language like a pro!

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We offer substantial discounts to members of Cigar Rights of America, the Italian Cigar Club Association (CCA) and readers of Live-In Style magazine.  Contact us at to receive your PROMOTIONAL CODE.

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What our members say about us…
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A great way to TAKE THE GUESSWORK OUT of cigar purchasing.  A perfect way to store TASTING NOTES and keep track of your smoking experiences.

Ed Schuermann (USA) 28 March 2015

(...) as the cost of cigars is trending up, EDUCATED PURCHASES are very important. This ELIMINATES THE TRY BEFORE YOU BUY (...)

Kenneth Rosal (Canada) 30 August 2017

How It Works

Cigar Sense is the new way for lovers of fine cigars to discover cigars which will delight them. We’re the most reliable source on the internet for personalized, expert advice to help you identify new cigars you’ll love.  Our methodology allows our system to “learn” your unique, individual taste preferences, and then give you cigar recommendations  which match them.  We’re able to do this thanks to a few key factors:

  • Our technology includes an inference engine which learns about your preferences as you interact with it, and an expert system which matches your preferences to cigars we’ve evaluated.
  • Our cigar database is built by an international panel of experts, who follow a rigorous blind tasting process to ensure professional, objective evaluations.

Your journey with Cigar Sense begins when you register and take a brief introductory survey.  This gives us your initial general taste preferences, which get refined each time you tell us about a specific cigar you’ve smoked.  Whether you liked or disliked it, all input is useful, as it helps us learn more about the characteristics you seek in a cigar.  The more input you give us, the better we can refine your preferences to zero in on your sweet-spot. 



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With your preference profile in hand, our cigar matching engine searches our database of expert cigar analyses to find the cigars with the best degree of fit to your preferences.  Cigar Sense  updates your recommended cigars in real time, whenever you give us more feedback on a specific cigar, or we add new cigar evaluations to our database.

You can view your cigar recommendations anytime, sorted by how well they fit your personal preferences. There you can drill down into each cigar to see details of its Cigar Sense analysis.



We give you a visual representation of the fit of each recommended cigar to your preferences.  Our “fit” charts show side-by-side your preferences with the expert analysis of the cigar you’re viewing, so you can immediately see how well it suits you.  When you decide you want to try it, we can help you find a local tobacconist or an online retailer offering the cigar.


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You keep track of what you smoke and, through the same feature, you tell us how much you liked or disliked each cigar you’ve smoked.  Our Profile Advisor then analyzes all of your feedback, and suggests changes to further refine your recommendations.  Over time, with your profile dialed-in to your sweet spot, you’ll find Cigar Sense is hands-down the most reliable predictor of whether you’ll enjoy a particular cigar!


87% of cigar lovers state that “flavor” is the most important consideration in choosing a cigar.

If you agree, then Cigar Sense is for you.