Let us introduce the new podcast for discerning cigar consumers!

If you know us, or if you embrace the Cigar Sense concept, you know that our efforts go into being consumer-centric and independent. This is not just because we managed to do without ad money from cigar businesses (so far), but also because we truly believe consumers need to be carefully taken into account, beyond the sale transaction, social (media) engagement and gatherings. This podcast is for us a step further to share our thoughts and get inspired in this journey.

Cigar Sense Podcast is your spot to listen in on sensory and cultural aspects of the premium cigars. You’ll have insights on how to better recognize and articulate the sensory experience of fine cigars. A variety of inner-views and interviews will be on hand to empower you as a cigar consumer and inspire you, as well as your regular host, Franca.

In this short introductory podcast we want to share what you can expect from this show. We invite you to make it your show by providing your comments, suggestions and feedback.

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