How unique is our taste?


If you had an idea of what your unique personal taste is about, after listening to this episode you may look at some things differently.

Aniello Buonincontro wrote a book, “Degustazione Razionale”, which means rational tasting. He researched anthropology, sociology, neuroscience and psychology. He also studied the issues concerning the characteristics of the premium cigar in relation to marketing and consumption.

Aniello is a certified sommelier and a Cigar Journal panelist. He has been in charge of the most renowned cigar courses in Italy (Catadores courses by the Cigar Club Association). He actually is an aeronautical engineer. Nine years ago, he left his job as production manager in a multinational company and became sales manager at Cigars and Tobacco, one of the biggest, if not the biggest, importer and distributor for Italy of new word cigars.

Among his role’s activities, he provides training and guidance for events and manages the relationships with many producers, retailers and enthusiasts.


Quick episode summary

What is personal taste?
How do genetic, sensory and mental factors play a role when we talk about our personal taste?
Why should consumers and marketers care about personal taste?
Symbology and art in the cigar world’s marketing
New or boring cigars?
What is good taste?
Should we smoke what we really like or conform to others?
Why can’t producers anticipate what consumers like (unless they have relevant data)?
What is the real pleasure?
Who is to blame for our conformism, our following others’ tastes?
What’s the difference between good and pleasant?
What is the role of emotions when we talk about “pleasant”?
What is the difference between an off-flavor and an unpleasant aroma?
How can we protect our authentic unique taste? What is the challenge when doing this?
What is the difference between tasting and judging?
When judging, do a long-time experience and quantity of cigars smoked count?

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