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Asking ourselves how “off” is our perception when learning or refining our tasting skills is very common. Discerning consumers and savvy professionals understand that this is very important if we want to be fair to the cigar, to ourselves and to others with whom we may talk about the cigar.

For some years now Cigar Sense dedicated their work to achieving reliability in their independent panel tests. This is done through important investments in external studies, in internal experiments with panelists and data and, last but not least, through continuous improvement in the recommendation service offered to their members.

Based on this work, on 11 June 2022 Franca delivered a seminar at the Cigar and Tobacco Festival in San Giustino, Italy. The festival is held every year in the heart of an important Kentucky fire-cured tobacco and cigars production and is packed with learning opportunities.

The sold out seminar was trivially named “technical tasting”. However, it turned out to be an immersion into the importance of the perception measurement when communicating about cigars and respecting our own palate and that of others.

Based on the very active participation of this first seminar’s audience, we want to organize a similar exercise for our members. We’re gratified to see that they are curious, passionate and open-minded to new ways to educate their own taste.

If you:

  • don’t want to just be entertained or taught, but want to be actively part of the game
  • value the real pleasure that a cigar offers: the sensory pleasure
  • don’t want to be heavily engaged in a rigorous technical tasting, but still want to learn
  • want to understand your own sensitivity, which means going far beyond writing tasting notes and reviews
  • are ready to give up your “expert” crown to play and experience the cigar more deeply

our new virtual seminars, in English, may be for you. More details to come soon.

Click here if you wish to be updated on the seminars.


In the meantime, something that gets you extremely well prepared for any tasting exercise is A Cigar Tasting Course

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