Cigar smoking can be an expensive pastime, and given that 87% of cigar lovers state “flavor” is the most important consideration when choosing a cigar, wouldn’t it be nice to know if a given cigar suits your tastes before you spring for it?  At Cigar Sense, we strive to reduce your risk of being disappointed by telling you if you will like a cigar before you buy it.

We get to know your unique tastes through a simple survey and your feedback on the cigars you try. Our expert system matches your preferences to our extensive database of cigar profiles, helping you find the perfect smokes.

How Cigar Sense Does It

An Expertly Curated Selection : Our database contains thousands of detailed cigar profiles, enriched by trained tasters following our rigorous blind analysis protocol. We never recommend cigars based on the subjective opinions of a few people, on what’s ‘trending’ at the moment or on what producers are promoting. Our recommendations are always based only on which cigars best suit your unique preferences.
A Personalized Experience: From the moment you share your initial tastes, every cigar you review sharpens our understanding of your tastes, leading you closer to your ideal match. No more guessing games – we pinpoint the cigars you’ll actually enjoy.
Advanced Technology: Our state-of-the-art mobile-friendly webapp relies on a sophisticated custom inference engine and expert system to understand your unique preference, and find those cigars that best suit them.  Over the last few years our recommendation engine has measured over 98% accurate in matching consumers to the products they love, which is hard to beat!
An Independent Service: We don’t sell cigars, nor cigar ads. The smallest brands have the same opportunity to be recommended to you as the brands with the largest marketing budgets. It all only depends on how well their cigars meet your preferences.
A Discovery Tool: Far from being limited by a magazine editor or social influencer’s subjective opinion, or by what your tobacconist happens to have in inventory, Cigar Sense helps you constantly discover new gems among the thousands of premium cigars available today. If you can’t find some of your recommended cigars in your country, you can easily filter them out.

Your journey with Cigar Sense begins when you register and take a brief introductory survey.  This gives us your initial general priorities and preferences, which get refined each time you tell us about a specific cigar you’ve smoked.  The more input you give us, the better we can refine your preferences to zero in on your sweet-spot.


my Cigar Sense recommendations


As you navigate your cigar journey, your real-time updated recommendations await on your user homepage, accessible anywhere, anytime. With visual fit charts and detailed analyses, you can see at a glance how each cigar aligns with your preferences. And when you’re ready to try one, we’ll guide you to your next great find, whether at a local shop or online.

Our unique Cigar Sense tasting notes feature let’s you keep track of the cigars you smoke, and tell us how much you liked or disliked each one.  Our Profile Advisor then analyzes all of your feedback, and suggests changes you may want to make to further refine your preference profile.  Over time, with your profile dialed-in to your sweet spot, you’ll find Cigar Sense is hands-down the most reliable predictor of whether you’ll enjoy a particular cigar!

We give you a visual representation of the fit of each recommended cigar to your preferences.  Our “fit” charts show side-by-side your preferences with the expert analysis of the cigar you’re viewing, so you can immediately see how well it suits you.  When you decide you want to try it, we can help you find a local tobacconist or an online retailer offering the cigar.

Embark on a journey to deeply enjoy your cigars! Our advanced, personalized recommendation system is your guide to uncovering cigars you’ll adore, based on the unique palate you possess. Through innovative technology and sensory analysis, we delve into your preferences, learning and adapting to offer you matches that resonate with your taste.


Find your favorites faster: Our visual fit charts show you exactly why a cigar is (or isn’t) a good match for you.


Fit chart

Cigar Sense Gustatory Fit Chart :
gold = cigar gustatory profile
green = member likes
red = member dislikes

Ready to elevate your cigar experience? Cigar Sense takes the guesswork out of finding your next great smoke.

Cigar Sense is more than a recommendation engine; it’s a commitment to the art of cigar enjoyment, valuing flavor above all.  If you seek to derive greater enjoyment from the time and money you devote to your passion for premium cigars, Cigar Sense is crafted for you.