Case Study Shows How Cigar Sense Helps Retailers Delight Customers


How do cigar retailers soar their customer retention by using Cigar Sense? We have asked one of our partners.

Our main mission of enhancing the premium cigar consumers’ experience expands to help manufacturers, distributors and retailers increase their success through customer delight. Higher Tides Raise All Ships! In this case study we focus on how retailers can benefit from using Cigar Sense.

And don’t just take our word for it…

Retailer Case Study on customer retention

Lars R. K. Talwar Norberg, is the CEO of Perique Store based in Stockholm, Sweden. Perique belongs to the ECFT Group of companies owned by the Talwar Norberg family and is part of a larger offering to consumers, retailers and operators including brick and mortar locations. Here is what Lars told us.

A database with detailed unbiased descriptions

“Smoking fine cigars is very different from smoking a cigarette. Cigars are enjoyed in a way more similar to wine or a single malt. That has been the case for centuries, but parts of the classification of cigars based on flavor, strength and other factors have been missing.

Cigar Sense has an extensive database with cigar profiles. The focus of the database is an unbiased description of the different aspects of a cigar. A smoker can create his/her own profile based on his/her priorities and preferences. The Cigar Sense system then matches the profile to the best personal fits and can also suggest cigars similar to the ones liked. It’s even so that a matching score in a percentage number is given as a guideline. As more cigars are liked or not the precision of the matching increases.

Competent and sophisticated customers

At Perique Store we serve the most exclusive segment of Cuban cigars – rare and limited editions – even though the full Habanos range is sold and supplied. This means that we provide a great deal of advice to our customers, we search and buy cigars on behalf of our customers, and we have to ensure that customer satisfaction is at the very best. This builds trust and loyalty. We are also keen on suggesting alternatives to the customers in situations when rare cigars are not accessible in a timely manner.

How can cigar retailers benefit from Cigar Sense to soar customer retention?

We use the Cigar Sense Shop Helper feature in a couple of different ways:

  1. To identify cigars matching the customers preferences: based on previously smoked and liked ones. This is done by simply entering the name of the cigars and search. Typically an extensive list of options is presented

    Case Study Shows How Cigar Sense Helps Retailers Delight Customers
  2. Search: many times we ask questions related to the smoking experience the customer have had. The idea here is to understand the underlying factors why there is a preference. This leads us to further refine the list to the sought after vitola. For example, if a customer likes to smoke in a relaxed manner, takes his time and is quite interested in flavors originating from the wrapper, it might be an indication that a Lonsdale is a good suggestion.Case Study Shows How Cigar Sense Helps Retailers Delight Customers
  3. With that in mind we will refine the list and suggest one to three cigars. Sometimes we print a “top 10” list for the customer to keep. This list will contain Cuban cigars (which we can supply) and non-Cubans (which we do not sell) Are we letting the customer walk away with his money? No. Our experience is that by providing unbiased advise and supporting our customers finding and exploring the world of cigars our retention rate and repeat customers increase – dramatically.
  4. By getting a chance to discuss and document different preferences and matching results we at Perique get a better sense for what cigars we shall keep in stock, and have an eye on. We even search to find and give our existing customers a call and say “Hey, we found this rare box – would you like us to grab it for you?”

In other gourmet domains – like fine wine – it is easy to find literature, descriptions, pairings and recommendations. Cigar Sense is bringing a similar way of thinking to the art of fine cigars. And more. Cigars Sense is a way of finding a new amazing experience and moment based in what each smoker likes. Not a particular reviewer’s preferences or rating. The common saying “Smoke what you like, like what you smoke” is given a true meaning when using Cigar Sense at the same time decreasing the risk of a not so good pick in the shop, saving some money. But most importantly, giving better experiences more frequently

5. Cigar Sense also helps less experienced staff to get ideas and support when discussing with very competent and sophisticated customers – they work together in front of the screen.

6. Last, but not least, I do use Cigar Sense for my personal selection and exploration of cigars.

Win-Win tools for success

A true win-win “tool”, easy to use. Happy customers means healthy business.”

Hence our catch-phrase when working with other parties in the industry – “Higher tides raise all ships!”

And here is more innovation

You can also integrate our database with your POS and see your customer’s best fits only for those cigars you have in inventory.

Or, if you have an online store, you can use our cigar analysis API to render our flavor charts on your products pages. This is a very intuitive way to communicate the flavor profile of a cigar to your customers and to drive more educated sales. More and more customers don’t just take a cigar’s marketing pitch as gospel anymore, they want to be more discerning and knowledgeable of what they buy. Independently-minded and self-aware customers value their retailer’s effort to give a fully independent review of cigars, and reward them with repeat business.

To learn more about how your business can benefit from the tools Cigar Sense offers you, contact us at!

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