Giuseppe Elefante was born in 1963 in Ostuni (BR), Italy. He is an architect and for years he has been passionate about the world of cigars and the culture that revolves around it.

He served as Member of the board of the Cigar Club Association (CCA), Italy and was Responsible for the CCA national cigar experts (Catadores) certification program.

Giuseppe now works at Diadema, the Italian importer and distributor of Habanos. He achieved the Master level of the Habanos Academy and is trainer in Italy. The tests for the Italian preliminary round of the Habanos World Challenge are written by Giuseppe, who is also part of the national Italian jury.

Giuseppe wrote numerous articles for trade magazines like Sigari! and Passione Habanos. He is currently a regular writer for the monthly magazine Arbiter.

In early 2017, he published his first book, Il Dio Del Mare.

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