Press Release: Cigar Sense Inc. Expands Global Reach, Launches Chinese Language Site to Serve Growing Market


Carson City (NV), United States, June 11, 2024 – Cigar Sense Inc., a leading provider of personalized cigar recommendations, announced the launch of its Chinese language website, This expansion marks a significant milestone in the company’s commitment to serving cigar aficionados worldwide and catering to the growing demand of discerning cigar lovers in China.

“Modern cigar enthusiasts in China, like their counterparts globally, value quality and a more curated approach, one that caters to their individual tastes. Our expansion is a testament to our dedication to meeting this demand.” said Franca Comparetto, co-founder at Cigar Sense Inc.

With thousands of members in over 80 countries, Cigar Sense has established itself as a trusted resource for discerning cigar lovers seeking to discover cigars that perfectly align with their individual tastes.

Seeking to broaden their impact in one of the world’s largest markets, Cigar Sense has chosen Chinese as the first non-English language in which to offer their service as a gateway to explore the world of cigars through senses and personal preferences. The introduction of the Chinese language site reflects the company’s recognition of the unique preferences and cultural nuances of the Chinese market.

“We are thrilled to welcome Chinese-speaking members to the Cigar Sense community,” said David Wells, co-founder of Cigar Sense Inc. “As we continue to grow within the Chinese market, we remain committed to exploring new features and capabilities to offer greater value and delivering advice for exceptional experiences for all our members.”


About Cigar Sense Inc.

Formed in 2014, Cigar Sense Inc. is dedicated to helping cigar enthusiasts discover cigars that best suit their unique taste preferences. Combining analysis, sensory expertise and proprietary technology, the company also serves the cigar industry offering a reliable cigar recommender, an array of sensory and consumer insights, as well as professional tasting education.


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