EL HABANO, Lengua, Historia, Sociedad de un Producto Transcultural


Here is the newest book that all Cuban cigar lovers are now looking to add to their bookcase:

EL HABANO, Lengua, Historia, Sociedad de un Producto Transcultural (Edizioni Efesto)

Its curators,

Alessandro ORICCHIO








both professors at La Sapienza University of Rome, presented the book at the XII Encuentro Amigos de Partagás en Italia held in Matelica, Italy, from July 5th through 8th 2017.

In 2015, Laura and Alessandro were in Matelica and introduced their project: a transnational analysis of the social and cultural aspects of the Cuban cigar, which brings together people from all countries, to talk and share perceptions and experiences on the sense of the cigar through a common, particular lexicon.

The book, published in Spanish and Italian, has a wealth of references to prior fundamental works and adds unprecedented technical, scientific and academic connotations to overcome the “classic” view of tobacco and seek answers to these questions:

  • What is the global, historical and contemporary scenario where the dynamics of production, distribution and consumption of Cuban cigars take place?
  • What are the processes for its production and consumption?
  • What are the rituals and symbols that it conveys?
  • To what extent and how do senses affect the way we consume the cigar?
  • What are the objective and subjective tools that support the perception description and negotiation of the taste of cigars?

The answers are provided in the prestigious contributions distributed over the five parts that make up the volume:

Luigi Ferri El Habano
Ulises González Herrera, Racso Fernández Ortega
– El tabaco, uso, estética y simbolismo en las comunidades aborígenes aruacas de Cuba
Jean Stubbs
– Política y saber: cómo se globalizó el habano
The growing, the use, the production and distribution of tobacco from antiquity to today. Transculturalism and exodus of tobacco workers. The radical economic and geographical transformation caused by the movement of people, raw material and knowledge. A pervasive and deep global change in the cigar market, the consumption and the communities of practice.

Roberta Iannone – De la sociología del jolgorio a la sociología de los sentidos: ritos y símbolos del habano
Giuseppe Elefante – La cata del puro
Laura Mariottini – Puro gusto. El arte dialógico de la degustación del habano
The “social facts” around the Habano: the sociology of smoking is no longer just about the anti-tobacco movements, but offers the perspective of rituals. The cigar tasting is a social fact but also a cultural fact, because it involves the gathering with focus. It is also a linguistic fact because it stimulates the lexical research, the debate, the discussion, the interpretation of the meanings of perceptions. It is technique and dialogue across languages.

Marta García Sahagún, Luis DeltellHumo en los fotogramas
Andrea Pezzè – El tabaco de puro humo (Holy Smoke) de Guillermo Cabrera Infante: un dispositivo de la modernidad
Franca Comparetto – El sentido del puro según Cigar Sense
The cigar as a scenario activity through the frames in which smoke constructs and drives the character identity. The cigar is also a concrete and symbolic place where economy, state and counterculture converge. The deep understanding of the perceptions and representation of the cigar guides aficionados towards the products that best suit their unique and personal tastes: the Cigar Sense case study is on a new business model that independently supports cigar demand and offer.

Roberto CamposLa gran fiesta del humo de Cuba
Alessandro Oricchio, Francesco MinettiLa gran fiesta del puro en Italia
The stories of the two largest habano cigar festivals in the world: the Habano Festival in Havana and the Encuentro Amigos de Partagás en Italia in Matelica.

Alessandro Oricchio – Aromáticas lecturas con Zoe Nocedo
Alessandro OricchioPuro diálogo con Francesco Minetti
Alejandro González PollánEn perfecta armonía
An interview with Zoe Nocedo, director of the Museo del Tabaco in Havana, on the practice and the important role of reading in the factories. An interview with Francesco Minetti, president of CCA, a cigar association which makes the cigar the protagonist and the glue that gets men and women together in the name of culture, pleasure and style. The pairing with the other great product of Cuba, “the liquid expression of Cuban nationality “: light rum.

The book is in Spanish and Italian. It is available from the editor, or at the following retailers: IBS, Feltrinelli.

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