El Artista 3rd generation innovation


In this episode, industrial engineer Radhames Rodriguez discusses the benefits of Tabacalera El Artista vertical integration from farms to factory to distribution. He is a young innovator, always thinking outside of the box, while respecting the family tradition. We also discussed:

  • the use of the sensory language in marketing
  • the challenge of determining the characterizing flavors of cigars produced with a particular tobacco in a particular terroir
  • the objectivity of cigar analyses based on statistics
  • the premium cigar on its way to become an intangible cultural heritage in the Dominican Republic

and more.

Radhames Rodriguez is one of the youngest cigar executives in the industry, an industrial engineer by trade, applying his knowledge to his 3rd generation family owned cigar factory, which has been in operation in Tamboril, DR since 1956. Tabacalera El Artista is one of the few boutique brands to be vertically integrated from farms to factory to distribution, owning the supply chain. As he says: “This means really good tobacco at a very sharp price!”


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