Now you can make sense of the vast selection of cigars available in many fine cigar stores around the world.  You can avoid the wasted time and money, and the frustration and disappointment of the trial-and-error approach to finding cigars you’ll love.  With Cigar Sense as your guide, you can zero in effortlessly on the cigars that suit your unique, personal preferences.

You begin by telling us in general which  flavors you do or do not like and how much (the Cigar Sense Aromas Wheel is a key tool for this), what are other important factors for the choice of your cigars. This gives us an initial starting point for your profile.  You can then refine your profile by browsing our database of cigars, and identifying the ones you did or did not enjoy.

As you continue to give us feedback on cigars you like or dislike, we further refine your individual preferences. This feedback loop is key to refining your profile, and over time will ensure the recommendations we give you zero in on your “sweet spot”. You can update your profile with new experiences or provide additional feedback on specific cigars at any time.