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Our new e-book, “Cigar tasting. Beyond the casual, social experience” is a 34 page collection of learnings and practical tips. We are offering it as a gift to our members (paid and free).

Download your free e-book “Cigar Tasting. Beyond the casual, social experience” here.

The cigar is a social catalyst, therefore it’s very frequent to meet people who taste a cigar in a rather casual way.

The premium cigar is also a gourmet product, an immense source of sensory pleasure. The more we explore it, the more we realize that many molecules are common in fine fermented products. Wine is an example. The idea of “terroir”, of “blends”, and even some errors in predicting the corresponding flavors, are quite common. Such biases may affect the way cigars are purchased and enjoyed.

Tastings play an important role in our cigar smokers’ career, because it’s through them that we learn more about the quality of cigars and we grow our passion.

Anybody can taste and every tasting is subjective. There are methods to turn that subjectivity into reliable information. Whether you are a consumer or an actor in the cigar industry, it helps to be aware of what we need to do if we want to be fair to our cigars, to ourselves and to others who may want to try the same cigars.

This e-book contains practical tips to:

  • train and be able to “pick up the right flavors” in a cigar
  • prepare a tasting from a physical and mental perspective

If you want to go beyond the casual, social experience, this e-book offers you useful information to explore the sensory world of the cigar.

Cigar Tasting, beyond the casual, social experience

Download your free e-book “Cigar Tasting. Beyond the casual, social experience” here.

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