Cigar Sense is NOT updating its privacy policy…
By now you are likely aware that new European privacy regulations have gone into effect.  Most internet users have been deluged by emails from many websites asking them to accept their new terms & conditions. We are proud to say that Cigar Sense is not updating its privacy policy and here is why.

The European General Data Protection Regulation went into effect on May 25th, and it has a lot of websites scrambling to ensure compliance.  The regulation requires a number of measures which were pretty simple for Cigar Sense to meet:

  • Businesses must be crystal-clear with their users as to what they will and will not do with user data.
  • Businesses must warn users about the use of cookies on the website, so the user can opt out (by leaving the site) if they so choose.
  • Businesses must provide users a means of “de-registering”, and deleting all of their personal information, which must be at least as easy to use as the registration process.

The first item has been covered on Cigar Sense from the very beginning.  If you are a member, you accepted our terms & conditions when you registered.  We promised you then and we promise once again that we will never sell your personally identifiable information to any third party.  You can see this by visiting the Member Agreement page.  We’ve made no changes to these terms & conditions, hence we’ve not needed to ask you to accept any new agreement.

The last two GDPR requirements were also fairly simple to handle – you may have noticed a new cookie warning on our site, which remains until you accept and dismiss the warning.  You may also have noticed at the bottom of the My Cigar Sense page, there is now a button that allows you to quickly & easily cancel your membership and, if you desire, request us to delete all your data.  We hope you won’t use it, but we’ll respect your choice if you do.

Now we have told you why Cigar Sense is not updating its privacy policy, let us add that we exists for one purpose only – to serve our members and help them discover the cigars that best fit their individual tastes.  Thanks for visiting our site, and please let us know your feedback!


David & Franca

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