Cigar Sense Members Choice Awards 2019


The Cigar Sense Members Choice Awards 2019 report is out! The report is based on cigar consumer preferences of thousands of members that we serve.

Is this just another top list?

Our lists are significantly different from the top cigar lists published by most media sources because our lists are composed by consumers, not by editors at Cigar Sense. Most top cigar lists are published based on the relationship the publisher has with the cigar companies, who are typically advertisers or sponsors. We don’t sell ad’s or sponsorships, but instead give primacy to what our members like, not to which cigars or companies we like ourselves. Hence our lists are purely based on consumer behavior, which ultimately may or may not be influenced by mainstream publishers’ top lists.

Our Consumer Choice lists enable consumers and companies in the cigar industry to see which are the cigars and companies most often liked by our members, organized in several ways:

  • Top liked cigars based on cigar country of origin
  • Top liked cigars and companies based on consumer region

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Given the degree of effort required to produce our report, and the fact that we are not sponsored by the featured companies, we are asking a small contribution of $97 for the Cigar Sense Members Choice Awards 2019.


How does it work?

Our core service to consumers consists of providing personalized cigar recommendations. As part of the process that supports our service, our paid members and active users who are given a complimentary premium membership can provide feedback to us through our quick rate feature and tasting notes, meaning these lists are based on actions taken by committed users. Since the members’ feedback represented in these lists is the same data that drives their personalized recommendations, our members have an inherent motivation to be fair and honest. In other words, this report contains information qualitatively superior to that of any survey or focus group.

The ‘eligible’ cigars are all the ones in our database, currently around 2000, representing 320 brands. You can see that the cigars presented in this report don’t follow any specific release timeframe. In fact, we strive to give the most complete worldwide view as we serve consumers at global level and they are not as exposed to the hectic new products release schedule as consumers in the United States are.

We don't rate or score cigars, the ranking of these lists is obtained as follows: the more unique members tell us they like a cigar, the higher the cigar and its producer are ranked. For this report we have validated over 9,000 unique entries.

We don’t sell cigars, nor cigar advertising, and our algorithm is not subject to ad hoc manipulation for the purpose of producing these lists. So we don't gain from promoting one cigar rather than the other. In order to cover our costs we do ask for a contribution of only $97 to anyone who wants to access the Cigar Sense Members Choice Awards 2019 report.


Some key points about the Cigar Sense Members Choice Awards 2019 data

Our lists do not necessarily tie with best-sellers, nor are companies in this report ranked based on their historical revenue or sales:

  • “sold” depends greatly on marketing and sales efforts as well as supply availability. The top cigar in our 2018 worldwide list was Partagas Serie D No. 4 and Habanos had confirmed to us that the cigar was their world best-seller. Although this can be seen as a validation of the data if you like to use the best-seller logic, please understand that “sold” does not always correlate to “liked”
  • our data is based on “liked”, which depends on consumer personal preferences and it's a much more intimate way to connect with consumers. Preference, especially when based on sensory parameters (flavor), leads to the best relationship between a consumer and a producer.

Our data is predictive, which means that we trust our members’ input and our algorithm to represent a true outcome potential for a wider population.

Are you interested in the Cigar Sense Members Choice Awards 2019? It only costs $97.


Cigar Sense predicts which cigars best fit your personal taste. We are committed to preserve the highest objectivity, integrity and independence in the creation and dissemination of our analyses and industry analytics. This is why we do not sell cigars, nor cigar ads.

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