Cigar Sense brings data insights to cigar industry


Why isn’t this SKU selling better?

What would make consumers like it better?


Which blend should we lead with when entering a new market?



Understanding consumer needs and delivering consumer delight is what drives successful products and customer loyalty.

Consumers are evolving – they are more knowledgeable and want to be listened to. They have particular tastes, which mainly depend on their culture. Making them happy means more return customers, more word-of-mouth, more sales.  Cigar Sense’s mission has always been to help consumers find the products that best suit their tastes. We now also help cigar makers and marketers deliver products that best fit their target markets, so they can make the best strategic choices for the benefit of both, their business and consumers. We provide our insights through cigar sensory analysis and consumer fit reports, “what if” analyses, reliable direct consumer feedback, surveys and more.

Beyond the standard and customized reports we produce for analytics clients, our new online analytics tools for premium analytics subscribers allow them to freely explore detailed analyses of cigar fit to consumer sensory preferences in any geographical region.  You can see instantly which characteristics of your blend are helping or hindering consumer appreciation, vitola by vitola.

“We have benefited from Cigar Sense’s key global consumer insights and are now integrating them in our strategic decision making process. I strongly recommend Cigar Sense for any consumer research in the cigar industry.”

– Sam Reuter, Oettinger Davidoff’s Head of Product Development and Strategic Innovation

“Price is a very important factor when deciding upon introducing a new line. With the help from Cigar Sense, much of the guess work was ruled out and we were dealing with actual facts. Based on my experience, I would definitely recommend Cigar Sense services to any cigar manufacturer and will use them myself for our future projects.”

– Mel Shah, Bombay Tobak’s Founder