Cigar resources : are you the product?

The many cigar resources available to you mostly follow mainstream business models, a handful of popular possibilities. We found it very interesting to look at each of them and ask ourselves: are you the customer or are you the product?

When this is not the case, and some other model appears, it is often subject to prejudice .
Some of our followers questioned in what “obscure” way we earn money. Is it by selling your personal data? And so, why isn’t all we do available for free?
In this short video we explain how we at Cigar Sense pay our bills, who is the customer and “who” is the product.


Quick summary of video “Cigar resources : are you the product?”

The different business models for cigar resources:
– the sale of cigars
– the sale of sponsor ads
– the sale of user personal information
– the sale of memberships
Are you the customer?
Are you the product?
Who benefits for each of the model?
How about consumers’ freedom to choose?
Is it sufficient to protect privacy when dealing with data?
What’s the cost of accuracy?
What’s the cost of independence?


Podcast episode on the choice paradox:
Accuracy in recommendations:
Leniency bias in recommendations:

Why is Cigar Sense not free?
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