When you search the database it is possible to see a 0% next to certain cigars when looking at the results list. This can occur for one of the following reasons:

  • The cigar has a negative % fit to your profile. Your aversions have a strong negative weight on the overal fit. You can see it by looking at the cigar profile, by clicking on the microscope icon next to the cigar name. Your aversions will show in red on the charts and you can easily see where the cigar shows characteristics that you dislike based on your profile. The best thing to do in this case is to provide us your feedback by completing Tasting Notes. After submission of a few Tasting Notes, you will see the Profile Advisor suggestions. If you agree with them and update your profile, the cigar might show up in your recommendations.
  • We have introduced additional samples, for which the analyses are not yet completed. If this is the case, if you click on the microscope icon next to the cigar name from the search results, you will see it is clearly stated under the cigar name.
  • The minimum number of tests for the cigar has not been reached yet. If you click on the microscope icon you will read that no analysis is available yet.
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