Can I search cigars based on their wrapper?

Can I search cigars based on their wrapper?
We are often asked how to find cigars with a similar wrapper. For instance “I like Brazilian wrappers, how do I find all those cigars with such wrappers?”

The short answer is: Yes, you can search cigars based on their wrapper origin in the Cigar Sense database.

Here is some context to it.

Our philosophy at Cigar Sense is that what matters most to premium cigar smokers is difficult to be determined by distinct biographical facts alone. The key influencing factors for the nuanced organoleptic characteristics of a fine cigar are tobacco types but also terroir, climate, as well as growing and harvest process, storage, transformation, fertilizers,… There are so many variables in the production of a cigar: hundreds of process steps through the creation of the work of art.

Also, blends made with leaves coming from different terroirs definitely add to this equation and affect the ultimate smoking experience, even if one important leaf is made of the same tobacco type. You might have enjoyed a Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper in one cigar, but in another brand you might not and might enjoy another blend better.

Cigar Sense focuses on the end result, the gustative experience of the cigar lover who:
– considers flavors as being among the important factors in her/his enjoyment of the cigar
– is willing to open to new horizons, going beyond the consideration of one specific tobacco origin as being the best.

Having said this, we curate all the various biographical facts in our database. You can very easily search cigars based on their wrapper origin and you will see the results displayed by order of fit to your own personal profile.

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