Amaury Borges Miranda, MSc. earned his university diploma in Biochemistry at the Faculty of Biology, University of Havana, through a thesis undertaken at the Center for Molecular Immunology in the same city.

Amaury joined the “Estación Experimental del Tabaco” (Tobacco Experimental Station) in San Juan y Martinez, Pinar del Río, in September 2002.

Through a work undertaken in this institution from 2005-2007 related to the mineral nutrition of tobacco, he earned his Master of Science degree in Plant Biology (mention in Plant Physiology) from the same University and Faculty in 2008.

He was transferred to the headquarters of the Instituto de Investigaciones del Tabaco (Tobacco Research Institute) in San Antonio de los Baños, Artemisa, in October 2008 and joined the research and development department being responsible for pre-processing and industrial processing phases of the tobacco network. His activities were related to various applications of Chemistry and Sensory Science carrying out research activities and scientifically based services to the industry, without interrupting his collaborations with researchers from the agricultural phase.

The above included two periods of intensive training and research activities with duration of about one month and a half in accredited laboratories associated to Imperial Brands PLC-Tabacalera SLU in Germany, France and Spain (2010 and 2012).

He was promoted to department leader from 2013 to 2016.

He is currently the manager of the Research and Development of the Institute (since 2016), is the Vice president of its Scientific Council.  Leading the Institute’s team responsible for new product development, he works in close relationship with the management of Tabacuba and Habanos SA.


Amaury is instructor in the Program (diplomado) entitled “El Tabaco Cubano de sus Orígenes a la Comercialización” (“The Cuban tobacco, from its origins to commercialization”). He also is instructor in the course: “Academia Habanos” (“Habanos Academy”.

He holds a category of Auxiliary Researcher and Assistant Professor. Additionally, he is invited by the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Havana to give a course on the applications of Chemistry inside the tobacco industry in Cuba. In this course, he will combine the background related to sensory science, with the one related to soil and tobacco plant evaluation in the farms.

He also contributes to other subjects such as Leaf Integrity and is presently developing his PhD in Analytical Chemistry at the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Havana.

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