A sensory session


It started as a technical tasting, it became an intense sensory session with a master blender. The virtual chat was a perfect example of the convergence of science and art in the cigar making.

The full Cigar Sense Parlor meeting, conducted by Claudio Sgroi (master blender and president at Mombacho Cigars) and Franca Comparetto with a number of Cigar Sense members, lasted 3 hours and 20 minutes. For this podcast episode, we kept what we think is most relevant to our audio audience.

In the sensory session, we talked about:

  • how you get from the tobacco compounds to the aromas, the 5 basic tastes and the tactile perceptions that you sense in your cigar
  • how memory and other factors influence our cigar experience
  • technical tasting vs. happy hour
  • cigar education and the need for a common lexicon to be adopted more widely
  • the importance of how smokers perceive the cigar

but also about the art in the master blender work and a lot more.

Podcast episode 26, “A sensory session with a master blender”

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