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We’re very excited to share this compelling case study demonstrating how a particular Dominican brand recently leveraged Cigar Sense insights to support their decision-making, leading to a successful blend launch in Europe!

The process of creating and launching a new cigar brand is risky and costly. Much of the risk comes from a lack of market intelligence forcing manufacturers to intuit many of the unknowns and hope for the best. For some large-scale manufacturers the risks associated with launching a new brand that fails to gain market acceptance is part of doing business. However, for other manufacturers a failure disrupts their business significantly.

Such was the case of a medium-sized cigar brand in the Dominican Republic. The Company had a few popular blends in their portfolio which performed quite well in the United States, yet could only afford to bring one to Europe. This was a high-stakes decision, since failure to select the right blend could result in reduced distributor confidence and harm the brand in this new market. With little insight into the European market, the principals were unsure if a successful blend in the US would translate “across the pond”. All things considered, the Company felt it would be best to wait a year or more while they learned more about the market.

Enter Cigar Sense

Cigar Sense is dedicated to understanding the preferences of adult cigar lovers from all over the world, and matching them to cigars our members will love. To accomplish this, we’ve built a repository of objective cigar sensory profiles, as well as structured usage patterns, preferences, and attitudes of consumers. Combined with world-class algorithms and expert data analysis, Cigar Sense offers a granular, objective, and valuable view into what cigar consumers want, what they would smoke, and what’s important to them.  We believe these predictive analytics offer a unique capability to manufacturers and distributors to understand likely outcomes of their business decisions in advance of committing investments.

After a serendipitous conversation with the Company’s principals and hearing their concern about taking a big risk in Europe, Cigar Sense provided the Company with a detailed blend report on one of their most popular US blends. The report revealed invaluable insights on how the blend should perform in Europe citing sensory preferences, price sensitivity, vitola preferences and more. The report included a breakdown of these data in key countries in the eurozone. After reviewing the report, the principals felt confident enough to fast-track the brand into Europe with a clear go-to-market strategy.

After one year of same-store sales the Company reports to Cigar Sense that the brand performs well and in accordance with the report’s predictions. In this case Cigar Sense reduced the risk, saved time, and helped the Company gain a larger presence on-shelf. In addition, the Company now has greater attention of retailers and distributors when a new line is offered.

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